Opplysninger hentet fra http://www.anglophone-direct.com om etablereingen av det moderne kunstmuseumet i Ceret og hvilke kunstnere som har bodd i byen.

In January 1910 Catalan sculptor Manolo Hugué, painter Frank Burty Haviland and composer Déodat de Séverac settled in Céret.
Between 1911 and 1913, at the height of the Cubist period, they were joined by their friends from Montmartre; Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Auguste Herbin, Max Jacob and Jean Marchand, amongst others, who spent time in Céret.
After the First World War some of them, including Auguste Herbin, Manolo or Juan Gris, returned, joined by new artists from Montparnasse including *Pierre Brune, (the initiator of the museum,) André Masson, Marc Chagall, Pinkus Kremegne, and Chaïm Soutine…
Later, during the Second World War, a third wave of artists fleeing from Nazism took refuge in the town; Raoul Dufy, Tristan Tzara, Jean Dubuffet, Albert Marquet.

*Pierre Brune dreamed of creating a museum of modern art which would retrace the town’s history of art and artists. Thanks to the assistance of Picasso and Matisse, and with the support of other artists, collectors and interested parties, he succeeded in assembling a fine collection of art and winning over the municipality.

Moderne kunstmuseumet i Ceret.

The Museum of Modern Art in Céret was inaugurated the 18th. June 1950 in the rooms of a 17th. Century Carmelite convent. As the years passed, its reputation grew. In the 1980’s the town decided to enlarge and renovate it and entrusted Joséphine Matamoros with the project. The new museum was inaugurated on the 17th. December 1993 by the President of France.